Church & Parish Magazines

We can help you with your existing publication, and with just a few expert adjustments it can be rejuvenated.

Reviewing your magazine regularly will allow more efficient use of space, possibly reducing the amount of pages, and therefore reducing costs. We can add or remove pages as required dependent on the amount of copy you have e.g. a larger Christmas Edition.

Working in conjunction with an on-line printing company enables you to have a professional magazine at a cost effective price.

How does it work?

As an example… 500 copies of a 28 page magazine (including design services, printing and finishing) at less than 50p per copy. Revenue from advertising will also reduce the costs of publications.

If you have a larger readership, the costs become cheaper still. 1000 copies of the same magazine are only 28p each per issue! Yes… a high quality, full-colour, professionally designed and printed magazine, delivered direct to you for just 28p a copy! How does it work? First, we would need a copy of your most recent magazine. Just scan and email it.

This will enable us to evaluate the house style and layout, make adjustments, and enter all the details of people who run your group and linked organisations. If you don’t have a magazine and wish to start one, send us details of everything you need including, and we can design something new.


Following approval of the design, your basic magazine will be saved as a template. A designated person (possibly your present magazine editor), would be the main contact for your group.

Your group will retain full editorial control, and we will supply you with a dedicated, exclusive email address to send copy. Your editor will forward all the copy to us (attaching any associated photographs or other items required to enhance the article), and we will compile your magazine, meeting any deadlines which apply.

This is most efficiently done by sending copy as and when you receive it, your magazine then takes shape throughout the month before publication. On completion we will email a copy for your final approval.

Once confirmed, it will be sent to an established on-line printing company, and your magazine will be delivered to you seven days later. We provide design, publication, printing, and courier delivery in one package.

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